Spain, among the ten countries most prepared for the electric vehicle

A study by the consulting firm EY places our country in ninth position of the world ‘top 10’ of countries most prepared for the electric vehicle.

Both the supply capacityas the demand and the electric mobility regulation These are factors that the study has taken into account.

The classification China leads, since it has 122 of the 200 lithium gigafactories in the world.

Also, demand is growing and the charging infrastructure is operational51% of Chinese consumers surveyed expect their next vehicle to be electric.

In second place was Norway, due to strong regulation in the form of tax benefitsas well as the introduction of lanes for electric vehicles and parking spaces, which has led to the 70% of all registrations are electric models in 2021.

Sweden is third in the ranking and has a “solid energy ecosystem”, together with high acceptance by consumers and its manufacturing capacity. 41% of all cars produced in Sweden are expected to be electric between 2022 and 2026.

At the bottom of the ranking is Indiawho faces some problems similar to those in Canada, with the recharging infrastructure and the price of electric cars as the main obstacles.

What does Spain stand out for and what does it need to improve on?

Our country was placed in the fourth position in the regulation section, thanks to the aid of the Moves III Plan, the investment of the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (Perte VEC) and the incentives for its use such as discounts on tolls, free parking and traffic lanes reserved for this type of cars.

In the sections of supply and demand, Spain ranked eleventh position in a ranking led by China and Norway, respectively.

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