so you can defrost meat in minutes

It has happened to all of us. We realize that we have not taken the freezer meat when we have just time and we have little left for lunch or dinner. To do? Change plans? No need: with a trick we can defrost meat in just five minutes.

The culinary trick has a name: ‘the inverted double pot’. To run it, we need two pots and a freezer bag. We take the meat out of the freezer and put it in that bag. We secure the ‘zip’ closure of the container.

Next (and surprising) step: place one of the pots with the bottom face up. On this bottom the frozen meat is placed, and, on this, the second pot filled with hot water. Pressure and temperature will work the ‘magic’. In five minutes, ready to cook.

Hot water

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The hot water is used for another ‘trick’. This is another defrosting technique that is especially useful when the meat is cut into pieces. fillets, thin slices or small pieces. In this case, the meat must also be put in a freezer bag. Then, it is placed in a pot with hot water, and stir. If necessary, the water can be changed. This technique is slower: it can take a few 10 minutes.

The microwave It also offers us an efficient and fast defrosting system. If you don’t have the specific defrost function, you can cook the meat at the same time you defrost it. For the operation to go well, you have to put the meat in a ‘tupper’, and in the microwave. First, with the defrost function. Depending on the power of the device, the operation can take about 10 minutes, although it requires being careful.


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