Send messages with the voice of whoever you want, even celebrities: this is FakeYou

Many times we will have imagined different celebrities or well-known animation characters, saying different phrases that we usually say on a daily basis or even other types of jokes. Well, you no longer have to imagine it. More than anything, because there is a website with which you can get a well-known character to say anything you want.

We refer to FakeYou, a somewhat curious web page that went viral at the time on Twitter thanks to streamers. Basically, it allows us users to write a text, whatever we want, so that the voice of different celebrities or animation characters, read it. Everything will depend on who we choose, but, in general, this particular tool is quite well achieved.

How FakeYou works

The truth is that its use is quite simple. But, due to its popularity in recent times, when entering its website we will find a somewhat particular notice in which they explain to us that your website is so slow because of the millions of requests they receive daily on their servers for a specific person to say a phrase. In any case, it is a tool that gives a lot of play, and reminds us in a certain way of DeepFake applications and their characteristic enhanced face changes by artificial intelligence. Although, it is not a new website, since it was previously known as


In this case, we will find up to 2,352 voices to choose from. From Donald Trump, Eminem, Shakira to Bart Simpson, Goku, Vegeta… And, to make it easier for us to find the celebrity or character we want, we will always have a search engine at hand in which we can write the name of the one we were looking for. searching. Further down, where they tell us “Text pranks go here…”, is the box in which we will have to write what we want that character or celebrity to read.

In addition, we must bear in mind that we will not always find the one we want. More than anything, because voice cloning is done by different people in the community, that is, web collaborators who are in charge of cloning a specific voice. For this reason, depending on the voice we choose, the name of the user who created that voice will appear.

Download the audio file

Once we have managed to get our favorite character or famous person to read what we have written, the truth is that, when the audio file is created, we will be able to download it in WAV format. In this way, we can send it to whoever we want through WhatsApp, Telegram or from the app that we want. So it could be the perfect prank on a friend or family member.

Furthermore, this audio file can also be used in different videos for the purpose of making all kinds of assemblies. Something increasingly seen on social networks such as TikTok, Twitter or Instagram. To download the audio, you will have to touch “Permalink & download” and click on “Download File”. Finally, we must touch the three points and choose the download option. In this way, we will get it to be downloaded to the PC or mobile.

Download fakeyou audio

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