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Primark It has been our best ally for years to renew the wardrobe season after season. Their collections always bring us the latest trends at low cost prices, which allows us to dress in fashion without spending a fortune.

As if this were not enough, now, the Irish chain has reached an agreement with the second-hand company Vintage Wholesale Company to set up a second-hand clothing space in their flagship store of Manchester Y birmingham.

This collaboration, baptized as “Worn Well”, will allow Primark to reach a target of buyers that seemed unattainable with its policy of cheap products: those who wear branded clothing. For the first time, brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Converse, Levi’s and Dr Martens.

“We are very excited to be opening our first vintage concessions in Birmingham and Manchester. The popularity of vintage clothing has increased in recent years, and we know our customers love creating unique looks by mixing old fashion with new,” he explained. Jermaine Lapwooddirector of innovation and future trends at Primark.

Lapwood also recalled that Primark’s intention is move away from the idea of ​​throwaway clothes: “We want clothes to be appreciated for longer and stay in circulation, we have big plans within our own business to give clothes a longer life, and we are delighted to support an independent company that is working to do this “.

The task of Vintage Wholesale Company

in these stores flagship of Primark we can find unique and quality items from the 70s, 80s and 90swhich the second-hand clothing company has achieved by working all over the world.

“Each item is unique. We want to inspire our customers to express their individuality and discover a love of vintage by wearing our clothing,” he said. Riccardo Seatondirector of Vintage Wholesale Company’s WornWell.

The exact launch date for this new space within Primark stores has yet to be officially announced.

The latest from Primark

The new and innovative flagship store by Primark, just like Zara’scount on many more services than the rest of the places. At Primark on Birmingham High Street we can find a custom T-shirt printer, a couple of cafes – one inspired by Disney – and a beauty studio.

And in London, a bar like Central Perk from ‘Friends’.

In Spain we are already counting down the days to have all these novelties in the largest Primarks in our country.

Primark, committed to sustainability

This is not the first move by the Irish company to do its bit in the fight for a more sustainable world. In September 2021, Primark began work on a sustainability strategy that will run until 2030: Primark Cares. The company will seek to extend the life of its garments and use sustainable or recycled materials.

This strategy will mean an increase in the company’s costs, but AB Foods, owner of the chain, trusts that they will be able to mitigate this economic impact.

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