Seat and unions sign a three-month ERTE due to the lack of chips

Seat and unions have signed the agreement for the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE), which will be in force from September 16 to December 23, with the aim of making production more flexible due to the lack of chips.

In a statement this Wednesday, the company explained that the temporary reduction in employment will be covered by volunteer workers first and will be completed on a rotating basis among the staff.

The daily affectation of the file, which includes the group of personnel of Martorell (Barcelona) and Barcelona, is about 850 peopledue to the cancellation of the night shift of L2, and there may be others in shifts of any line.

In total, it has been agreed a maximum impact of 10,310 workers per day for productive reasons, and 67 days of total/partial closure of lines or shifts, as reported by the workers.

by causes organizationalthe maximum impact is 3,089 people a day in Martorell and 479 people a day at the Barcelona plantand while the file lasts, additional production shifts on weekends or efficiencies may not be carried out.

A social plan has been agreed by which the company will improve the unemployment benefit of those affected by the ERTE and offer the possibility of do training while maintaining 100% of the remuneration.


The file, raised for organizational and productive reasons, comes at a time when the demand for brand models is at “very high levels”.

For this reason, the car company has defended that it will continue to do everything possible to deliver this high demand for cars to dealers and customers.

A monitoring commission made up of the signatories of the agreement will meet monthly to deal with the different issues related to the application of the ERTE.

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