Scots bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II at Edinburgh’s Saint Giles Cathedral

The king Charles III He appeared this Monday for the first time as a British sovereign in the autonomous Parliament of Holyrood in Edinburghwhere thanked the Scots for the “true affection” shown towards his mother, Isabel IIwho died Thursday at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle.

“I know that the Scottish Parliament and the people of Scotland share with me the deep sense of loss after the death of my dear mother“, declared the British king after the house approved a motion to express condolences for the death of the monarch.

I take on my new responsibilities with gratitude for all that Scotland has bestowed upon me, committed to the welfare of our country and its people, and with complete confidence in your good will and advice to move forward together,” he said.

Charles III confirmed that the dukedom of Rothesay and the rest of his Scottish titles have passed to his eldest son, Prince William.

“He will be as proud as I have been to bear the symbols of this ancient kingdom,” the king stressed.

Before her speech, the Scottish Chief Minister, Nicola Sturgeonpaid tribute to Isabel II, whose mortal remains they remain in a burning chapel at St Gilles Cathedralin Edinburghuntil they are transferred to London this Tuesday.

“Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scots”, has been “the anchor of our nation”, said the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), who expressed that the Scots are “prepared” to support the new king.

“Your Majesty, we stand ready to support you as you continue your life of service and continue to build on the extraordinary legacy of your beloved mother,” he said. Sturgeonwhich aims to call a new referendum on Scotland’s independence from the rest of the United Kingdom in 2023.

Alison Johnstone, Speaker of the Scottish Parliament, for her part expressed gratitude to Elizabeth II, whom she described as “a true friend” of Scotland.

We thank, as a nation and as a Parliament, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, for her extraordinary service.”affirmed the policy of the Green Party, also in favor of Scottish independence and a new plebiscite.


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