Scania deploys its biogas and electric trucks in Hannover

Scania presents at the IAA Hannover Fair with a special focus on its trucks as alternatives to combustion engines. Specific, the Swedish manufacturer exhibits a total of fourteen vehicles. As far as electrification is concerned, Scania shows four battery electric vehicles (BEV) inside the Hall: a unit of the new BEV recently unveiled for regional jobsa BEV bus and two BEV trucks for urban applications.

The extensive vehicle exhibition at the IAA bears witness to the wide range that Scania has to offer, not just BEVs: also presents two V8 trucks, three with the Super powertrain and one biomethane truckrepresenting the two new gas engines that Scania is introducing.

In the outdoor area, Scania exhibits another five vehicles. Among them is a BEV urban tipper with the well-known Scania XT characteristics, above all robustness and durability. It is accompanied by a conventional XT brother with a Scania V8, plus a large-tonnage V8 tractor unit and an Irizar coach. Last but not least, Scania will bring three more vehicles to the IAA test and drive circuit: a Scania Super, a hook-lift BEV and a versatile hybrid truck.

battery electric trucks

In June, Scania introduced the next level of battery electric trucks (BEVs). By offering R and S cabs with two power outputs and a wide range of wheelbases, covering both tractors and rigids, the BEV truck landscape is wide open. The two different power levels are available with batteries with up to 624 kWh capacity, which means that for a 40-tonne truck autonomy of up to 350 km can be expected. Taken together, these numbers pave the way for a variety of regional truck applications.


In the field of gas, Scania continues to expand and improve its offer for heavy trucks by introducing two new engines. This goes hand in hand with Scania’s major gas initiative earlier this year when several new gas tank solutions were introduced. The new 13-liter engines offer 420 and 460 hp and between them they cover most of the high-power demand of the European truck market, including long-distance trucks. At the IAA show, Scania will also showcase its new industry-leading Super powertrain with trucks on display both indoors and outdoors.

Interest in locally produced biomethane for trucks is growing rapidly, spurred by the desire to decarbonise road transport and move away from fossil gas. Biomethane has the ability to reduce CO2 by up to 90% from a “Well-To-Wheel” perspective. (well to the wheel). The combination of powerful engines and tank solutions that provide longer ranges than ever, give all types of carriers the opportunity to choose biomethane-based trucking solutions.


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