Santander investigates the visit of a group of employees in the United Kingdom to a ‘striptease’ club on a work trip

Banco Santander has hired a law firm in the United Kingdom to investigate the visit that a group of workers made to a ‘striptease’ club during a work trip, as reported by the Financial Times. The events occurred last February near the City of London after a day of meetings at the bank’s headquarters in London.

According to the aforementioned media, there were seven workers who went to this premises, located in Aldgate, after a meeting of the global debt department. In this group of workers were three senior managers and four junior managers. The investigation was initiated due to the possibility that one of them could have been forced to go to this place by his superiors. It was an internal whistleblower who alerted the bank’s conduct department.

The British newspaper points out, referring to close sources, that this is a behavior that has been widespread among investment bankers in London, although it is now seen worse than a decade ago.

To clarify what happened, Santander hired the Gibson Dunn law firm. These legal services have interviewed fifteen people involved, including the seven attendees at the ‘striptease’ club and for the moment no signs of pressure to attend have been found, according to the Financial Times.

The bank has expressed to said medium that “the details of these investigations are treated confidentially” and that no further comments can be made. The entity stated that “we take our workers’ conduct concerns very seriously and follow a rigorous process to ensure that the facts are clarified.”

Earlier this year, another European bank experienced a similar situation. It was the case of Deutsche Bank, which announced the dismissal of four workers after going to a local striptease in New York and trying to spend the expenses.


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