Russia transfers to Ukraine batteries of anti-aircraft missiles in charge of the defense of Saint Petersburg

The S-300 «Favorit», in Russian: С-300 «Фаворит», is a missile launch system manufactured by the ALMAZ-ANTEI JSC Military Industry of Russia, for the transport of short, medium and long range missiles, “Ground-to-air” type, to intercept aerial targets, its generic name is S-300. It was developed to neutralize enemy targets, such as enemy helicopters, fighter planes, surveillance planes, missiles and, in later versions, ICBM missiles. This new wheeled and tracked truck-mounted missile system works in conjunction with several trucks equipped with radars and command stations.

Ukraine also has Russian-made S-300 air defense missile systems that it inherited from the USSR. It has batteries of the S-300PS, S-300PMU, S-300V and other models. Only six systems have been repaired since 2004. As a result, only 40% of Ukrainian S-300s were in good condition in 2014. The crisis with Russia forced an accelerated modernization program, with at least 4 batteries overhauled in 2014-15 . 34 Crimea-based launchers were acquired by Russia following the annexation of Crimea in 2014. According to some estimates, approximately 30 batteries survived the Crimean War in 2014 to be activated.

When Russia launched its attack in February 2022, it is estimated that Ukraine had around 100 active batteries of S-300 missiles before the invasion.. At least 21 were destroyed in the first days

His successor is S-400 systemwhich can shoot down at heights of between 10 meters and 50 kilometers “stealth” technology aircraft, cruise, tactical and even ballistic missiles with flight speeds of 4.8 kilometers per second.

They use three types of missiles, with a range of up to 150, 300 and 400 kilometers, respectively, which can shoot down 12 targets simultaneously, and each battery consists of vertical launch ramps, radars and autonomous target detection and identification equipment.

This system has become a nightmare for the US military, not only because it is one of the most modern and efficient, but also because it is much cheaper than other similar systems made by US companies, such as the Patriot Pac-2, of Raytheon, which the Spanish Army has and one of whose batteries Spain has installed in Turkey.

It can be transported in motorized vehicles with four short-range launchers or one long-range launcher. It is capable of intercepting aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles or drones. They can reach a maximum speed of Mach 12, higher than that of any aircraft, so their command of the airspace

The system includes a long-range surveillance radar, a command vehicle, a combat radar, and finally the launch vehicle. Each of the elements is autonomous and mobile, which makes it a versatile weapon, easy to camouflage and with high operational capacity.


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