Russia sent more than 300 million dollars to politicians and parties in various countries to gain international influence, according to US Intelligence.

Since 2014, Russia has invested more than 300 million euros to influence and secure the loyalty of politicians and officials in twenty countries, according to a new diplomatic cable from the United States made public on September 13.

In the diplomatic memorandum the list is not detailed of affected countriesbut it is clear that in the past Russia has funneled money to European extremist candidates like Marine Le Pen in France or Matteo Salvini in Italy.

The cable claims that Russia intends to funnel “hundreds of millions more in the future” to like-minded parties and politicians in those countries. The objective of this campaign, according to US diplomacy, is manipulate democracies from inside.

Countries warned

An official from the State Department in Washington has revealed this Tuesday on condition of anonymity that cable, which has been sent to embassies of affected countries for this campaign of interference.

The cable is signed by the Secretary of State himself, Antony Blinden, and has been prepared with information from US Intelligence, which has followed the trail of those millions channeled since 2014. The aforementioned official said that the cable was sent to Europe, Africa and South Asia.

It is not common for the US to reveal its intelligence findings, but since the days before the invasion of Ukraine it has chosen to more transparency to force its allies to take action in the face of this interference. The same Intelligence and the Prosecutor’s Office in the US have also reached the conclusion that Russia tried to influence the US presidential elections of 2016 and 2020. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller even charged 34 Russians for it.

Biden recently declared a national emergency to strengthen the US in the face of possible interference in the partial elections in November, in which the legislative power and several state governments are renewed.

In July, a Tampa grand jury indicted a Russian citizen, Alexander Ionov, a promoter of the independence movement in Catalonia and elsewhere, for trying to interfere with Russian intelligence in this year’s gubernatorial election.

The cable isn’t classified, but it is marked “sensitive,” meaning it shouldn’t be broadcast or shared with foreign allies. has been sent to about twenty embassies for US diplomatic missions in them to contact host governments and discuss Russian interference, including so-called “active measures,” infiltrations into their political systems.

Trump and Brexit

Special counsel Mueller found that in 2016 the Kremlin had two separate campaigns underway. to benefit Donald Trumpwho won the elections. Mueller, who was previously director of the FBI, did not rule on whether Trump was guilty of conspire with Russia to get to the White House.

US intelligence also believes that Russia interfered in the Brexit referendum in 2016 to facilitate the break of the United Kingdom with the European Union.

In Barcelona, ​​the investigating court number 1 is investigating, as part of a broad case on embezzlement, the ties of prominent independence leaders Catalans with Russian businessmen and officials. Spanish intelligence has also identified the presence of Russian military spies in Barcelona during the illegal referendum on October 1, 2017.

The US embassy in Spain has not confirmed whether it has received this cable from Washington. The Russian embassy in the US capital has not responded either to the response request.

For months, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has denounced Russia’s interference in his country’s politics. According to what British Intelligence said before the Russian invasion that began in February this year, the Kremlin even had already elected the pro-Russian government that it would impose on Ukraine after an overwhelming military victory that did not take place.


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