Russia reports on missile strikes in Kharkov

The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported this Monday in his morning war part about high-precision missile attacks on Ukrainian military positions in the east, center and south of the country, including the eastern region of Kharkov, where a Ukrainian counter-offensive is taking place.

“The Russian Aerospace Force and artillery continue to deal high-precision strikes against the units and reserves of the Ukrainian Army in the Kharkov region,” of which Russian troops were forced to withdraw this Saturday, said the Russian command.

Defense spokesman Igor Konashénkov pointed out that the attacks were directed against troops and war equipment of the nationalist Kraken units, the 113 Territorial Defense Brigade and the 93 Mechanized Brigade, located in the towns of Kupiansk and Izium, recently recovered by Ukraine. “The enemy’s losses amounted to 250 soldiers and more than 20 combat teams,” he said.

In the Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions, he noted, the Russian Army attacked four Ukrainian command posts, 36 artillery units, 125 military and equipment staging areas, and a repair shop for multiple launcher systems.

In addition, the spokesman for the Russian command stated that the Aerospace Forces attacked a military target in the town of Rogui, Cherkasy region, in the center of the country.

As a result of the attack on Ukrainian motorized infantry units “More than 30 soldiers and 10 combat machines were annihilated.”

In the south, where Ukraine also unsuccessfully attempted a counteroffensive, Ukrainian casualties amounted to over three hundred killed and up to a thousand wounded, Konashénkov said.


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