RTX 4000 graphics dazzle, but Nvidia’s true genius promises to change the world of modding

Nvidia has put all the meat on the grill with its latest presentation showing the cards of the RTX 4000 GPU and the advance of DLSS 3. Improvements that claim to revolutionize the market, but the technology that has gone most unnoticed aims to take ray tracing to new heights.

All this thanks to Nvidia RTX Remix, a platform for modders where they can easily create ray-traced remasters for classic titles. This is possible thanks to the use of different AIs and that also allows the implementation of DLSS 3 and NVIDIA Reflex. In this way, the doors are opened for hundreds of retro games to have a new life.

They point out from the company that many times the community does not have access to game-specific tools for modding and it is necessary to have programming knowledge for it. A titanic task that is made even more difficult when you take into account that 32-bit programs only support a maximum of 3GB of RAM, which is not enough to use ray tracing to the fullest.

Taking as an example the effort that Nvidia itself put into bringing ray tracing to Quake II, this proposal has arisen. RTX Remix will act as a free slot coming in the future and we already have examples of its virtues with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind either The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Another benefit of RTX Remix is ​​that you can link all the work to Nvidia Omniverse, which allows you to share content with a work group spread all over the planet. The aforementioned AIs carry out a work of upscaling up to 4K resolution in the textures and perform a treatment on each surface so that the reflections act realistically.

One of the key points of Nvidia’s vision is to make any RTX Remix project compatible with existing mods, whether they come from Nexus Mods or other websites. The best example of this will come in November with RTX Portalthe free remastering of the Valve classic that has been created with the help of this new technology.

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