Rodrigo Cuba Magaly Medina criticizes Ale Venturo after confirming pregnancy: “It was on purpose” RMMN entertainment | SHOWS

After and Ale Venturo confirmed that they will become parents for the second time, Magaly Medina did not hesitate to criticize the couple, considering that it was not the best time to order a baby.

For the ‘Urraca’, the footballer and the businesswoman were little responsible for deciding to enlarge their family in these complicated moments in which the member of Sport Boys is prevented from seeing his daughter with Melissa Paredes.

We believe that we have to be more responsible with the children we bring into this world, under what circumstances do we bring them, this couple came out of two failed relationships on bad terms “criticized the ‘Magpie’.

Magaly Medina did not hesitate to question Ale Venturo harshly when she considered that she planned to get pregnant without taking into account that the most affected will be both her daughter and the little girl that ‘Gato’ Cuba had with the actress from “Ojitos Hechiceros”.

Ale Venturo is a woman who already has a son, today all women have access to information. Ale is a professional, educated woman, she has access to all kinds of information, so you know how to avoid pregnancy, especially if you are just getting to know that person. This has been on purpose and on purpose, you get pregnant because you feel like it, because you want to”, he lashed out.


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Giselo cries with emotion because of her mother's surprise
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