Rafaella reappeared and made Francesca cry after forgiving her for Isabella’s death

Rafaella (Barbara Key) met Francesca (Yvonne Frayssinet) and they talked about the relationship that “madame” has with Diego Montalban. The chef is a former partner of the blonde and Mrs. Maldini defended her marriage with her husband, since she assured that it was a “blessing” that such a good man appeared in her life.

Rafaella showed no more problems in speaking ill of him, on the contrary, she saw that her mother was happy about their romance and wished her the best. However, the conversation was not just about that, as they touched on a very sensitive topic for the Maldini family.

The blonde remembered the death of her sister Isabella and indicated that Francesca was not to blame. And it is that for several years, “madame” carried that backpack of guilt for the death of her daughter. This time, Rafaella left everything in the past and reconciled with her mother, whom she made cry.

After five years, There is room in the background returns to the screens of América Televisión in a new season. This series is starred by two families from different social classes, the Gonzales, the Maldini and the Montalbanwho will present funny occurrences and unique stories for their viewers.

In addition, new characters such as Giovanni Ciccia, Karime Scander, Jorge Guerra, Guadalupe Farfán, Franco Pennano, among others, appear to stir up the neighborhood “Las Nuevas Lomas” where all kinds of situations occur. Don’t miss the ninth season of the television series from Monday to Friday at 8:30 at night. You’ll be surprised!


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