Rafael Cardozo resigns from Esto es Guerra and does he thus confirm his separation from Cachaza?

Rafael Cardozo was quite uncomfortable in This is War after all the questions he was asked about the supposed end of his relationship with Cachaza. The drivers, with various questions, wanted to get some information on the subject, but they did not succeed, since even the Brazilian chose to leave the upset set.

After finishing the reality show and, safely at home, the fighter made a post on his official Instagram account announcing his resignation from Esto es Guerra. “After 10 years of EEG, I announce my resignation from the program. Thank you EEG,” he wrote on the social network about his decision, which was apparently due to what the production did.

“Rafael Cardozo would be very upset with his program Esto es Guerra because look at the post he posted after the program, because he did not like the questions they asked him live and this he puts on his Instagram,” commented Brunella Horna, who does not believe in the separation of the announcer and Carol Reali.

“I can anticipate something, if they have finished it is because something has happened recently, because on Sunday, September 11, I saw them happy in a shopping center, I even talked to them about their puppy, about my dog, they were together, normal “, said Richard Acuña’s girlfriend.

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