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Much commented on social networks, which forgive nothing, it has been a small gesture that wife of he did during the salute to the people this weekend in the UK.

Markle and her husband who are already in the United Kingdom to attend the funeral services of his grandmother, the, They surprised the world when they appeared in public with Prince William and his wife Kate.

LOOK: Princes William and Harry appear together with their wives in Windsor

For many, it is about the reconciliation of the two brothers of British royalty, who had distanced themselves a few months ago.

Saturday, Megan and Harry they went out to greet the people who were stationed around the windsor castle. Nevertheless, Megan At the request of a little boy who asked him for a hug, he could not contain himself and gave it to him. This, at a time when the royal family is in mourning, is not allowed by protocol, as explained by the magazine Peopleenespea├▒ol.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II could help initiate a reconciliation of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan with the rest of the royal family, after an estrangement and his move to live in the United States.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle greet each other at Windsor Castle.  (KIRSTY O'CONNOR / POOL / AFP)
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle greet each other at Windsor Castle. (KIRSTY O’CONNOR / POOL / AFP)

The couple, who were in the UK when the queen died on Thursday, were reunited with the brother of Harry, William, and his wife Catherine on Saturday at Windsor Castle. It was the first public appearance of the four together since 2020.

Dressed in black, they looked together at the floral offerings left by the public before greeting people, giving no indication of the state of relations between the two couples. But the decision of four of appearing together before the cameras seemed to be a sign of progress in mending broken ties.

According to the specialized press on British royalty, William, the heir to the throne, reached out to his younger brother, who has been critical of the family since he abandoned royal duties.

Two days earlier, the situation was very different: Enrique, 37, arrived alone in a vehicle at Balmoral, Scotland, where the queen had died shortly before. Guillermo and others close to the family, not including Catalina, had previously arrived in a single car.

The princes with their wives were publicly shown together.  (Photo: AFP).
The princes with their wives were publicly shown together. (Photo: AFP).

Richard Fitzwilliams, a specialist on the royals, said on Thursday that the fact that the brothers arrived separately showed that they were “estranged”.

It is considered that harry and meghan they caused “a lot of damage to the royal family in recent months” with their anti-monarchy comments, he added. “In the future, the ball is in their court and it depends on how they want to play,” he added.

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