Putin’s senior official for Arctic energy affairs dies after falling from a ship

Ivan Pethorin joins the increasingly long list of senior Russian officials and businessmen who have died in strange circumstances since the Ukrainian war began. Pechorin died after falling overboard from a ship while sailing off the coast of the russky island, in the sea of ​​Japan. His body was found a day later by rescue teams. The deceased was director of Russia’s Arctic and Far East Development Corporation, a post to which he had been appointed by Vladimir Putin

Despite his youth, 39 years old, he had risen to a relevant position within the Russian nomenclature and was currently dedicated to obtaining resources in the Arctic. Days before his death, Pechorin had attended the Eastern Economic Forum, organized by the Russian president in Vladivostok. It so happens that the former executive director of the corporation in which Pechorin worked, Igor Nosovalso died suddenly in February of a stroke.


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