Putin justifies Russia’s slow advance because they are fighting with “a part” of their army

The Ukrainian counteroffensive continues in the south of the country. According to the pro-Russian authorities, attacks on administrative buildings such as this one are taking place in the city of Kherson. According to the emergency services, there would have been three deaths.

While in the east, in Luganskan explosion would have killed the main prosecutor of the separatist administration, Sergei Gorenko, and his deputy on Friday. Moscow calls the attacks a “terrorist act”. Faced with criticism of having lost the initiative in the war, Putin tries to convey that everything is under control.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, points out: “Our offensive operations in Donbas itself do not stop. They continue to advance at a slow pace, but the Russian Federation is progressively occupying new territories little by little.”

“I want to highlight the fact that we are not fighting with the entire Russian army, only with a specific part of the Russian army. Of course, this is linked to the criteria of our Army. We are not in a hurry in this aspect.”recalled the president after the SCO summit in Uzbekistan.

Russia tries to support that it is carrying out attacks in the west of the area of ​​what it calls “special operation” With Images. Also, to placate some critics who ask extraordinary measures. The Ukrainian government publishes for its part, other rather different images, in which they show abandoned Russian weapons in Donbas and Ukrainian tanks advancing through the territory.


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