PSOE in favor, we can abstain

The Congress has debated this Thursday the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, formalized in Brussels and pending ratification in the parliaments of the member countries. This issue has divided the coalition parties, with the PSOE voting in favor, Podemos abstention and four deputies from the United Left, against.

For this occasion, Moncloa has had the unanimous approval of the opposition, since Partido Popular, Vox and Ciudadanos have advanced their support between critics to the Executive for the lack of internal cohesion. Some partners such as the PNV have also sided with the ‘yes’ side. Not so ERC and Bildu, who will continue to abstain.

The Atlantic Alliance, as happened in June during holding the summit in Madrid, drives a wedge between the coalition partners. The purple wing is diametrically opposed to issues such as the increase in defense spending committed by the government.

defense spending

Despite the rejection of the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, and the rest of the ministers of the purple quota, the Executive will increase the Defense budget in the public accounts for next year. As EL ESPAÑOL has learned, it will do so with a special plan that does not affect items of a social natureto please Podemos.

During the debate held this Thursday in the Lower House, the purple spokesman, Gerardo Pisarello, has staged a harsh intervention that opens an abyss with the PSOE. “The supposed head of the Diplomacy of Europe does not speak of diplomacy not once”, he started pointing out the former socialist minister Joseph Borrell.

“The priority of NATO and the pentagon is not to allow Europe to have an autonomous security policy (…), to consent to this is to side with the attackedsubordinate to a military and economic oligarchy that does not care about the fate of those attacked in Ukraine,” said the leader of Podemos.

On the other hand, he added that the Military Alliance is allowing “an oligarchy that will end up supporting the most warmongering extreme right, as is happening in Sweden.” For this reason, he has assured that the decision of these two Nordic countries will not have his support: “We cannot be here, it will not be in our name.”

in favor of NATO

From the PSOE, as if he were responding to the opposition caucus, deputy Sergio Gutiérrez did not hesitate to underline that it cannot be “to be equidistant with the suffering of other peoplesnor with aggressors and invaded”, placing itself clearly on the side of NATO.

Regarding the entry of the two countries mentioned in the organization, he appealed “to all the members of the chamber”, that is, Can, to remind them that “Sweden and Finland seek to defend themselves, not attack; deter and not fight”. For this reason, he expressed the “moral duty” to attend to the approach ratified by Congress this Thursday.

[Moncloa desautoriza a Yolanda Díaz y aumentará el gasto en Defensa pactado con la OTAN]

On the opposition bench Pablo Hispanicdeputy of the Popular Party, advanced the support of his parliamentary group while harshly criticizing the disparity between PSOE and Podemos: “With this it is shown that Sánchez is only president of a part of the Government”, reproached the conservative leader.

Along these lines, he also indicated that this vote is “one more chapter of the extravagances” to which “the Executive” has accustomed them, stressing that “Spain is the only Government in Europe that is a member of NATO in which one half is favor of the Alliance and the other affirms that it is a criminal organization”.

Similar were the rest of the interventions of the center-right bench. Alberto Asarta, leader of Vox, charged against “the extreme Spanish left, which continues with its obsolete and stale discourse on NATO.” Despite announcing his favorable vote, he “strongly rejected the government’s erratic foreign policy.”


Meanwhile, from Ciudadanos, deputy Miguel Gutiérrez lamented that “the role of Spain in the inclusion of Sweden and Finland in NATO must be that of unanimous support for their decision to integrate.” Although he also celebrated the orange leader who win today “Democrats lose and those who support a bloodthirsty dictator.”

It should be noted that the discrepancies on this vote have not only taken place within the coalition, but also within the purple faction itself. The abstention of Podemos and the vote against by four deputies from the United Left came after a new chapter of debate.

The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzon, who is also the leader of the IU, has abstained, like the rest of his purple colleagues. Not so his subjects in the Lower House, since his party is the most critical of the Atlantic Alliance, which they openly repudiate.


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