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At this time, Sony is in the midst of a generational change of consoles. The It continues to receive games, updates and is part of the entire development ecosystem of the Japanese company and also of video game companies. The console despite this, little by little it is gaining ground in the market, especially in times of offers in physical stores.

Millions of gamers already enjoy the graphics and power of the new generation console, but there are some elements in which the device has not yet innovated. PC gaming maintains an advantage in terms of frames per second that graphics cards can achieve and also in internal memory.

For this reason, we share some details about the . All the features that Sony could include in this new console, the possible sale date and also a tentative launch price.

When will the PS6 be sold?

The PlayStation 6 console is still a device that will take time to reach the markets. In 2007, Sony released the PS3, which had nearly six years of dominance in the market until the arrival of the PS4.

This last console has been on sale until now, despite the fact that the PS5 was released in 2020. The time frame in which Sony determines the end of a generation is about 6 to 7 years. However, the PS5 could still have a Pro version that has better features to match the advancement of graphics and processor technology.

For this reason, it is estimated that the PS6 will go on sale after 2027.

What features and components would the PS6 have?

You don’t have to be a tech geek to know where Sony would be heading with regards to upgrading the PS5 into a new generation. This device does not have Bluetooth technology to connect unofficial Sony headphones, this would be one of the most important changes in a PS6 console.

In turn, the haptic vibration would remain in the Dualsense controller, since it has been one of the elements that has had the best in the community. It would be a big step forward if the company included wireless charging technology with the controllers and even better if they could be placed on top of the console to charge while we’re not in a gaming session.

4K and 60fps

Right now, with the PS5 we have to choose between performance mode or better graphics with some games. After many generations of consoles, the PS6 could be the first to have stable support for 60fps at 4K resolution and if you want to go further, perhaps force 120fps on titles that do not require as much performance from the processors.

Everything will depend on the new AMD products, since Sony works with that brand for its processors. In turn, internal cooling will be of utmost importance.

PS6 price

Sony has been consistent on the price of the past two consoles: $399. Let’s remember that the PS4 has dropped a lot in price in stores because it is already a device with many years on the market. The PS6 would not be the exception, perhaps the price will only increase by $100 at most.

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