Portugal, in shock by the case of an elderly woman covered in ants in a residence

The images of an elderly woman filmed while she was in bed in a nursing home with an open wound and the body covered in ants have shaken the Portuguese and forced those responsible for asylum to open an investigation and admit a “gross negligence”.

The images, which were spread on social networks and now released by local media, show the old woman with one hand tied to the bed and ants on the neck, face, arms, abdomen, and legs.

The recording also shows bedding lying on the floor of the room and ant trails leading to a hallway and other facilities in the residence.

According to Correio da Manha, the incident occurred in July and the woman he died a month later.

The events occurred in a residence of the Santa Casa de la Miseric√≥rdia de Boliqueime, in Loule (Algarve, south)who, in a message posted on Facebook, assures that he has denounced the person who released the video, although he admits that he is investigating “serious negligence”.

The residence notes that it was aware that “some of its workers did not guarantee adequate care for a patient” just last week.

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The son, however, has declared to Correio da Manh√° that he realized the lack of care when his mother entered the institution and “when I went to visit her she was covered in ants, I alerted the residence and they did nothing.”

The Holy House of Mercy is a Catholic institution that, in addition to having residences to care for the sick and disabled, It has real estate businesses and the concession of games of chance in Portugal.


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