Podemos will abstain on the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO

The parliamentary group of United We Can will abstain in next Thursday’s vote on the Entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO.

The group’s spokesman in Congress, Paul Echeniquehas justified the decision by the opposition to the Atlantic Alliance and at the same time the rI respect the sovereignty of both Nordic countrieswho have requested admission as a protection measure against Russia after the war in ukraine.

“These two reasons define the vote. They prevent us from being in favor and against,” explained Echenique, who nevertheless admitted that there is debate within the confederal group.

The Congress will decide this Thursday if Spain gives the go-ahead to the protocol of accession to NATO of Sweden and Finland. The text will be processed by the urgent procedure and in a single reading, that is, with a single debate in plenary, without going through the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The entry of the two parties has been endorsed by the Spanish Government and by its president, Pedro Sanchez.

IU does not confirm if it will abstain or vote against

Izquierda Unida (IU) has not yet confirmed what the meaning of their vote will be. Its federal spokesperson, Sira Rego, has recalled that the historical position of the formation is the rejection of NATO.

Last June, Podemos was critical of the NATO summit in Madrid, in the same way that it opposes the increase in military spending that the organization demands from its members.

IU showed its support for the counter-summit organized by social groups that called for the dissolution of the Alliance formed during the Cold War.

The PP ensures that “it is not typical of a serious government” and the PSOE downplays it

The PP has criticized what it considers a shows more division in the coalition executive. “There is a government party that does not support the government, this is not typical of a serious government,” he criticized Cuca Gamarra, spokesman for the parliamentary group. Gamarra has described the difference of opinion between the PSOE and its coalition partners as a “dantesque spectacle”.

On the other hand, the PSOE has downplayed the decision of United We Can and has recalled that thePartners do not have to have the same opinion in all matters. “It is clear that in this matter we do not have“, has recognized the parliamentary spokesman, patxi lopez.

López explained that, after the invasion of Ukraine, the geostrategic situation has changed, which has led these countries to apply for membership. “We only endorse the request of other countries, I wouldn’t understand a different parliament denying that“, added the spokesman.


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