Podemos already defends the surrender of Ukraine and offers its diplomatic experience to reach an agreement

We can has come up. Not only does it deplore the shipment of weapons for Ukraine to defend itself from putin attack. He not only believes that European troops sent to the vicinity of Ukraine should be withdrawn in case the Russian attack spreads to other territories. He not only thinks that NATO is a provocation to Russia. Also, believes that diplomatic channels are being wasted. Yourswith his enormous experience, to mediate in favor of something he calls a “peace agreement” and which is nothing more than a surrender of Ukraine.

“The Confederal Parliamentary Group of United We Can-En Comú Podem-Galicia in Common” has presented a text in Congress offering its “diplomatic” wisdom as a balm that could, according to its version, put an end to Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the energy crisis at a stroke. The plan hides, plain and simple, reaching an agreement with Russia, giving in and offering the surrender of Ukraine.

Podemos has done so, for official record, as a non-law proposal “on diplomatic negotiation to seek an immediate end to the war in Ukraine for debate and approval in plenary.”

It is signed by his spokesman Pablo Echenique. And he points out that “on February 24, 2022, Putin ordered a unilateral and absolutely ruthless invasion of Ukraine. After a first lightning phase in which Russia tried to take the capital, the war entered a slower phase in which Russian troops , after a partial withdrawal, seek to secure the eastern fringe of the country (which includes the Donbas region), as well as a southern corridor that borders the Sea of ​​Azov and connects this area with the Crimean peninsula”.

Podemos affirms that “since the invasion began, the one who has suffered the most from the consequences is, obviously, the Ukrainian people. With thousands of dead and wounded and millions of displaced people, the humanitarian tragedy is already of enormous dimensions”. But that, “as the second victim of the conflict” has become “without a doubt, the population of the European Union. The economic consequences of the war for the continent as a whole are being dramatic especially through the shortage of Russian gasthe astronomical rise in energy prices and double-digit inflation not seen for decades.

On the other hand, Echenique assures that “there are also geopolitical actors that, unlike Ukraine and the European Union, are benefiting from the war or, at least, are not affected in such a dramatic way.” “The sanctions that we were promised would bring the Russian economy to its knees have had very little effect. The ruble is still strong and Russia has been able to find other customers to sell its oil and gas to (besides not stopped selling to the European Union, even at a higher price),” he adds. we can too take the opportunity to charge against “USA, which has significantly increased its role as a supplier of liquefied natural gas to Europe, and the dollar recently outperformed the euro for the first time in two decades. All this without mentioning that the arms companies, especially the North American ones, are seeing an obscene increase in their profits thanks to the war and rearmament discourse that the US has injected into Europe through NATO.”

It is therefore “perfectly clear”, according to Podemos, “who benefits and who is harmed by a prolongation of the conflict in Ukraine. No matter how much legislative and budgetary effort the governments of the European Union make, combating the sudden shortage of one of the main energy raw materials and fight against double-digit inflation is something that no government is capable of achieving on its own and that means that the different countries of the union we are approaching the economic abyss with each passing month.

For all these reasons, Echenique, ignoring the right of Ukraine and its population to defend itself, slips the option of surrender and the pact with Russia. Translated: from abandonment to Ukraine. And he insists that “it is clear that the only way to avoid a deep and lasting crisis that generates enormous suffering in working people, in families and in small businesses and that could even put the architecture of the Union at risk European passes through reach a peace agreement as soon as possible end the war.”

And, based on all this, it defends “the urgent need to put all political energy into diplomatic negotiation to seek an immediate end to the war in Ukraine through a peace agreement and to stop promoting those speeches and measures which have as a consequence the prolongation of the same”. Because, according to him, the evidence must be “underlined that the continuation of this war seriously harms the Ukrainian people, but also the economy of countries across the continent, endangering the stability of the European Union.”


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