Petro and Boric raise the voices of the new Latin American left at the UN

Gabriel Boric he looked inward above all in his first speech as president of Chili before the United Nations General Assembly. Gustavo Petrothe president of Colombia, which also debuted in the conclave, mainly outside. And the two approaches may have been different, but they have exposed with force and vigor the voice and determination of the new latin american left.

The most radical has been Petro, former guerrillawhich has unmitigatedly denounced not only the war against the drugswho has said that “he has failed & rdquor ;, but of the capitalist system, or in his words “the world power & rdquor ;, which has assured that “it has become irrational & rdquor ;. “What is more poisonous for humanity: cocaine, coal or Petroleum?”, the Colombian leader, who has denounced the “addiction to fossil fuels” but also “consumption, power and money & rdquor ;.

“Bank accounts have become unlimited, the money saved by the most powerful on earth can no longer even be spent in the time of centuries & rdquor ;, he said. “The sadness of existence produced by this artificial call to competition, they fill it with noise and drugs. addiction to money and having has another side: drug addiction in people who lose the competition, in losers of the artificial race in which they have transformed humanity. The disease of loneliness will not be cured by glyphosate on the jungles. The jungle is not to blame. The culprit is your society educated in endless consumption, in the stupid confusion between consumption Y happiness that allows, yes, that the pockets of power are filled with money & rdquor ;.

Petro has denounced the ukrainian war but also those of Iraq, Libya and Syria, assuring that “they invaded in the name of oil and gas & rdquor ;. He has also claimed that they have “invented & rdquor; wars “that” have served as an excuse not to act against the climate crisis”. And after asserting that “the cause of the climate disaster is capital & rdquor ;, he has closed his intervention by recalling that” there is no total peace without social justiceeconomic and environmental”.

Boric calls for social justice

More introspective but also energetic has been shown borikwho has taken advantage of the story about the “intense political process” that Chile lives and the story of how a model that accentuates the inequality It leads to discontent and social fracture to leave useful lessons on the table about the democratic future. “I invite you to anticipate the search for greater social justice & rdquor ;, she has raised, ensuring that” better distribution of wealth and power must go hand in hand with a increase sustainable and it is possible”.

Boric has once again pushed away the idea that the result of the plebiscite that rejected the constitutional proposal, who assures that he has taught them “humility & rdquor ;, was a defeat. “A government can never feel defeated when the people speak out & rdquor ;, she has said. And he has stated that “one of the main challenges of humanity is precisely that of building democracies that they really talk to and listen to the citizens & rdquor ;.

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“We have the responsibility to find better answers to the inequalities in our countries and also to those signs that tell us that there is an increasing number of people who do not feel represented by those who are governing, nor with the way in which a few take decisions by the majority & rdquor ;, said Boric, who has opted to respond to the demands of the citizenry “with more democracy, never with less & rdquor ;.

The Chilean has closed his speech committing “from the multilateralism with justice and peace & rdquor ;. He has denounced the “unjust war of Russia on Ukraine & rdquor ;, the violence against women, the “permanent violations against human rights of the Palestinian people & rdquor ;, the situation of political prisoners in Nicaragua and the violations of the human rights. “The whole world demands changes and the new generations have the right, and also the responsibility, to think and materialize a different future & rdquor ;, he has concluded.


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