Peru | Smartphones: What aspect do the youngest prioritize when choosing a new device?



Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and it is becoming more and more necessary in our daily lives to carry out different activities. According to the Residential Survey of Telecommunications Services 2021 (ERESTEL) by the Supervisory Body for Private Investment in Telecommunications (OSIPTEL), social networks and instant messaging continue to be the main use of the Internet in Peru.

Other uses are searching for information and consulting news, viewing videos without downloading, and email. Uses that have made the cell phone become an indispensable tool, especially for young people in their moments of entertainment, studies or work.

4 features that young people prioritize in a smartphone

Mobile phones must have key features to cover the basic needs of young people and give them the necessary support in their activities such as uploading content on their social networks, recording good quality videos, making long-term video calls, playing video games, talking with their friends. , see presentations of work or studies, among others.

#1 Camera: The trend of young people today is to look for a cell phone with a good resolution camera that allows them to obtain better quality images to upload them to their networks.

#2 Screen: The screen is one of the most important parts of a cell phone for a young person, because thanks to its size it is possible to have a better experience to make video calls, enjoy series, watch a game, play video games, etc.

#3 Memory Storage: Nowadays applications and their updates require more and more space inside the mobile, therefore, young people make sure that when buying a smartphone it offers a large storage memory and a powerful processor.

#4 Battery: For young people it is essential that the battery of their cell phone lasts all day since the use of applications, calls, moving from one place to another, etc., makes it possible that very rarely have a place where it can be charged.

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