Patricio Parodi sacrificed himself for love and let Luciana Fuster dirty him with talc

Patrick Parody surprised everyone by allowing himself to be soaked in talcum powder by Luciana Fuster. The influencer, who represented the fighters during a competition, lost and had to receive the “powder slap”, but her partner did not allow her.

Johanna San Miguel and Renzo Schuller, hosts of This is war, asked him to “punish” Luciana for her defeat, otherwise the point would become null. This time, the captain of the warriors was carried away by emotion and preferred to sacrifice himself for his beloved.

Live, Patricio allowed Luciana to smear him with talc and said score became the combatants. There are few times that Parodi makes such a gesture, since he fights for his team all the time to win and be the best.


Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster have a solid love relationship. Despite the divided comments they received at the beginning of their romance, both showed that love and respect can conquer everything. They currently live an idyll of quiet love, far from scandals.

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