Panorama – The Spanish industry asks Brussels for the immediate decoupling of the European gas and electricity markets

The Alliance welcomes the fact that, in line with what Spain warned months ago, the European Council has ratified the need to urgently modify the operation of the European electricity market: “a year has passed since the start of the energy crisis and we cannot waste more time to give an effective response”. The Alliance agrees with the European Commission “on the need to decouple the European gas and electricity markets” given “the impact of gas prices on the formation of wholesale electricity prices”. Furthermore, it considers that said action “must be very urgently implemented and also ensuring that all electricity generators that require gas for their operation can have a supply at competitive prices and not linked to spot”.

On the contrary, the Alliance for Industry Competitiveness rejects European mechanisms of action in the electricity market “based solely on subsidies to consumer companies by the Member States”, which would be “depending therefore on budget availability and political decisions”, and points out that the only tool that can facilitate the continuity of the European industry is “to offer a competitive electricity and gas market price to industrial consumers”.

Finally, the Alliance for the Competitiveness of the Industry considers that it is necessary to act on the European market stability reserve, placing emission rights on the market to favor the reduction of the price of the electricity market.

At the national level, the Alliance recalls that the holding of energy auctions for inframarginal technologies, provided for in RDL 17/21 and not yet called, remains urgent, and that they must be aimed at industrial consumers, regardless of whether they are consumers direct.


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