Orange reaches the metaverse with the first store of an operator and immersive experiences for its customers

Orange has just launched its strategy for the metaverse in Spain In order to start testing the opportunities that the incipient virtual world can generate for the telecommunications sector.

A strategy whose main claim is the opening of the first store of a Spanish telecommunications operator in the metaverseto which is added the creation of immersive experiences for customers and the sale of the Meta Quest 2 glasses at a very competitive price.

At a press conference, Diego Martínez, General Manager of the Orange Residential Business Unithas highlighted that with this launch the company takes its first steps in the metaverse and begins to test this technology and demonstrate that it is accessible to all users.

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“It is still one more test of what the networks will be like in the not too distant future,” said Martínez, who pointed out that it is too early to give sales or monetization data that can be obtained with investments in the metaverse.

The main focus of Orange’s launch is the opening of its store in the metaverse, the first to be launched by a telecommunications operator in Spain and the first to be launched within the different countries in which the French group is present.

The company’s goal is to test the different possibilities offered by this virtual world to reinvent and enrich the experience of its customers. Thus, in the Orange store in the metaverse customers will be able to operate the same as a physical store and they will be served by avatars behind which are real people, not bots.

Immersive experiences

The second pillar of Orange’s strategy in the metaverse is the 360 Immersive Now entertainment and events platformwhich has been developed by the Orange group and is available for IOS, Android and Meta Quest.

This application allows access to exclusive virtual reality content with more than 100 immersive VR 360 experiences, including films and documentaries, various audiovisual studios or live events, such as the launch of the Artemis rocket.

Martinez explained that initially these contents will be free for Orange customersalthough it does not rule out that as technology evolves and the adoption of the metaverse virtual reality packages are created at an extra cost.

On the other hand, Orange has also added to its range of devices the Mata Quest 2 glasses at a cost of five euros per month for 30 months. This means a final price of 150 euros, which is almost three times less than the 450 euros that Facebook glasses cost in the free market.


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