Orange opens its first store in the metaverse


Orange has opened its first store in the metaverse on Tuesday as part of its commitment to popularizing virtual reality, which will also bring with it the addition of Oculus Quest 2 glasses to its catalog, after reaching an agreement with Meta.

The virtual space is the first opened by the Orange group, as explained by the Residential Business Director of Orange Spain, Diego Martínez, who underlined that it is also the first store opened in this environment by a virtual operator.

Martínez underlined the importance of the company’s investments in connectivity and the launch of products such as 10 Gbps fiber optics and 5G in order to launch this event.

The manager has also highlighted the future potential of this technology, which aspires to generate a value equivalent to Japan’s GDP in 2030, and its evolution in fields such as devices, which are less heavy than the first prototypes. However, Martínez has assured that it is “too early” to make predictions.

The company has accompanied the launch with promotions of 100 euros in the purchase of products and services through the metaverse, as well as a discount of 300 euros on the official price of the Oculus Quest 2, which can be purchased for five euros per month until add 150 euros compared to the 450 euros of the official price.

The Orange store allows you to consult the different Orange services, its catalog of devices, as well as test demonstrations such as more than a hundred immersive experiences through the Immersive Now application. Among the contents, there are movies, short films or other content produced by studios such as Warner or Cirque du Soleil, as well as the possibility of holding events in the store’s ‘auditorium’.

The contents will be available only to customers of the Orange brand, which does not include the other two brands of the group Jazztel and Simyo.

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