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Do you know what the differences are between a and a user interface? The first is a set of programs that is responsible for managing the resources or components of a mobile device (hardware and software); while the second is a visual system that allows you to easily navigate through the smartphone screen, since in the design process the organization of the tools or applications by their hierarchical range is taken into account.

All cell phone brands have an operating system, most have however, the same technology companies develop their own user interface, for example: in Samsung it is “One UI”, in Huawei “EMUI”, in Motorola “My UX”, etc., for this reason it is that the phones are totally different when you turn them on.

Xiaomi has made people forget that prejudice that says: “if it’s chinese it’s bad”, because this brand is one of the most important and demanded in different parts of the world for the quality and price of its products; however, many users do not like its UI known as MIUI, why? From Depor we will tell you what the reasons are.


  • Xiaomi Bugs: gesture navigation does not work correctly, in the same way the cameras that include social networks or applications, finally, notifications arrive after several minutes and those of a specific app cannot be deactivated.
  • security patches: When a security flaw is detected that can be exploited by cybercriminals, it usually takes several days for Xiaomi to release a new patch to fix the problem.
  • High consumption of RAM memory: with every UI update MIUIthe cell phone executes more processes and immediately fills the GB of RAM, which would cause bugs, slowdown of the operating system, overheating of the battery and, in the worst case, a sudden restart.
  • connections: Bluetooth is unstable, whether it is with speakers, headphones, smartwatches, etc. If you connect to a WiFi network without internet, the cell phone does not automatically switch to mobile data.
  • Other reasons: Dark mode is considered by users to be one of the worst features. They try to resemble the iOS user interface. The fast charge animation does not show the exact percentage.


There is a function of Android called “Automatic change to mobile data”, if it is active it will change the WiFi connection for your data plan if it detects that the signal is weak or slow, likewise, if you do not have megabytes or gigabytes available you will not be able to surf the internet.

  • First, go to the “Settings” of your cell phone Androidyou locate it with the icon of a cogwheel or gear.
  • Now, find and click on the “Connections” or “Networks” section, the name of the option may change slightly depending on the brand and model of the smartphone.
  • The next step is to enter the “Data usage” or “Mobile networks” section.
  • Finally, turn off the switch that says “Auto switch to mobile data” or “Mobile data” with the description “Access the internet through the mobile network at all times”.

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