Only 8% of insurers have established proposals focused on well-being


24% of clients consider insurers a “main” partner for their financial well-being, although only 8% of these entities have established effective value propositions focused on well-being (physical and personal) and developed the necessary capacities to it.

In addition, 69% and 67% say they are interested in physical and financial well-being, respectively, highlighting the lag behind companies in offering related services.

This is revealed by the world report on life and health insurance by Capgemini and Qorus, which indicates that consumers are ready for the change towards “hyper-personalized” services: 83% seek customer service on demand; 78% ongoing physical and financial guidance; and 74% hyper-personalized and value-added value-added services.

“The last two years show that wellness must be a priority, and insurers need to know how to deliver wellness services effectively. This report demonstrates the need for insurers to transform and focus on hyper-personalized services that meet individual needs.” customers,” said Samantha Chow, Capgemini’s global head of life and health insurance.

According to the report, insurtech companies — technology applied to the insurance sector — are ahead of insurers in key capabilities for hyper-personalization, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning and cloud technology more than traditional ones.

To meet the new expectations, the document recommends insurers to focus on offering urgent and regular medical care in terms of physical well-being, as well as ensuring compliance with medical prescriptions, physiotherapy protocols or routine visits to health centers. .

Regarding financial well-being, he recommends preventing possible financial problems by helping clients prepare for unexpected expenses or informing them about savings products.

The report concludes that this journey will require insurers to rethink what they offer, where they should invest, and how they should monetize their offerings.


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