Online shoppers value convenience more and are becoming less brand loyal, according to PayPal


Spaniards increasingly value convenience when shopping online and are less and less loyal to the brand, according to a study carried out by PayPal together with the research company ACA.

58% of those surveyed have acknowledged being concerned about security in the payment process in online purchases, while 47% refer to the long and confusing purchase process as the main barrier.

Likewise, the study reveals that 46% consider that a key factor for buying online is that the seller offers their preferred type of payment, followed by 35% who highlight the speed of the payment process.

In this sense, 32% of those surveyed declare that PayPal is their preferred payment option, followed by debit cards (25%) and credit cards (18%).

On the other hand, 62% acknowledge that they have abandoned a purchase on the Internet at some time, the main reasons for this being not being able to pay with their preferred payment method (30%) and concern about the security of the operation (31%). ).

The new director of PayPal Iberia, Beatriz Giménez, stated during the presentation of the study that the habits adopted in recent years have changed what people want from their shopping experience.

“In a way, it all boils down to one thing: convenience. Shoppers don’t think in terms of online, in-person or mobile. The perception of convenience becomes a critical factor in the overall customer experience. For shoppers, it’s all about the speed and simplicity of finding what they need and getting it quickly and seamlessly, whether it’s fast delivery, or simply finding a product that’s in stock,” he explained.

At the same time, brand loyalty is evaporating in 2022 and the usual customer is no longer guaranteed, Giménez has warned. “Customer experience is increasingly becoming something that merchants are putting on their radar: Looking ahead to the next two years, 29% of merchants are looking to implement new payment technologies and 28% are looking to implement an integrated e-commerce platform1”, he added.

On the other hand, the study reveals that 37% of consumers have bought on social networks in the last six months and 11% do so weekly. The main categories of products that Spaniards buy on social networks are clothing and accessories (35%), health and beauty products (28%) and online games (25%).

Following this trend, 69% of Spanish businesses that sell online do so through social networks.

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