NVIDIA Launches Omniverse Cloud for Developers to Create and Operate Metaverse Applications | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

introduced its first software and infrastructure-as-a-service offering, NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, a comprehensive suite of cloud services for artists, developers, and enterprise teams to design, publish, operate, and experience applications from the anywhere.

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According to the company, with the Omniverse Cloud, individuals and teams can experience with a single click the ability to design and collaborate on 3D workflows without the need to use any local computing power. Robotics teams can train, simulate, test, and deploy AI-enabled intelligent machines with unprecedented performance, productivity, scalability, convenience, and accessibility.

Autonomous vehicle engineers can generate physically based sensor data and simulate traffic scenarios to test a variety of weather and road conditions in order to safely implement autonomous driving.

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The metaverse, the 3D Internet, connects virtual 3D worlds described in USD and viewed through a simulation enginesaid Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “With Omniverse in the cloud, we can connect teams around the world to design, build and operate virtual worlds and digital twins.“, he pointed.

Early adopters of the Omniverse Cloud include the RIMAC Group, WPP, and Siemens AG.

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Omniverse Cloud services run on Omniverse Cloud Computer, a computing system comprised of NVIDIA OV for graphics and physics simulation, NVIDIA HGX for advanced AI workloads, and NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network (GDN), a data center network. distributed on a global scale to deliver high-performance, low-latency metaverse graphics at the edge.


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