Not even the highest mountain in Japan stops a pizza delivery man

Due to the pandemic, and with the help of tools as useful as GPS, companies dedicated exclusively to home delivery of food without taking into account the distances, which were the main impediment for a common company, became fashionable. offered to take their products to the place where they were required.

It is surprising how many places these companies can go to fulfill a delivery order, but nothing leaves us shocked like the story of Umanami Futoshi, the boy who is able to climb to the top of Mount Fuji, the highest from Japan, to bring a delicious pizza to athletes.

uber backpack pizza rapper on mount fuji

Last year around this time I bought a bag from Uber. I thought it would be fun to climb Mount Fuji with her and I did. So I started climbing in this outfit. Everyone was telling me to do my best, so I gained energy and it became easier to climb.

What makes his job even cooler is that this guy isn’t really in the business of being delivery food business, but he is a fan of the cosplayThat’s why he disguises himself as a food chain delivery man. In addition, he is a faithful practitioner of mountaineering.

mountaineers climbing fuji

We cannot deny that his gesture is extremely beautiful, since just when the mountaineers’ strength is diminishing and they need to replenish their energy, this wonderful boy appears to bring them not only food, but also the possibility of regaining strength and continuing on their way.

What a surprise that some athletes find when upon reaching the top, their prize is not only the satisfaction of having achieved a goal or the impressive view, because if they are lucky, a succulent piece of pizza may be waiting for them to enjoy.

people on top of mount fuji with a food chain delivery man

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