Nordex prepares rotors of more than 163m for the wind industry

The wind sector continues on the path of improving and reducing energy costs through technological innovation and the design of products that allow these objectives to be achieved.

And under that premise, from Nordex, a German wind turbine manufacturer, adapts to the new challenges in the region and they will soon have a new rotor model that will benefit the supply chain, the synergies of the sector and the O&M of renewable parks.

So he advanced Albert SuyerManaging Director Mexico & Colombia of the firm, during the recent event of Latam Future Energywhere he stated that “there will be rotors beyond 163 meters in diameter”, which to date is the company’s maximum capacity.

“There will be great innovations, especially to attend both those places with spectacular winds, as well as the places where we know that with these rotors we can maximize the wind resource. We are all going to those technologies with taller towers and larger rotors that allow us to optimize the available resources, ”he assured.

The company with more than 35 years in the market seeks to continue meeting the requirements of the industry, taking into account its expertise of 42 GW installed in more than 40 countries around the world (8 GW in Latin America) and more than 26 GW in O&M, in addition to concentrating a broad portfolio of towers from 83m to more than 160m in height.

Furthermore, its product portfolio is also divided into three large blocks: 133m, 149m and 163m rotors, which vary according to the type of project, the conditions of the region and the average wind speeds, with different nominal powers, but always with the objective of maximize plant factor and reduce energy costsas explained by the specialist

The vision of the Latin American sector

Albert Sunyer provided insight and expectations about the various markets in the region and recognized that Nordex’s “maximum interest” in Latin America is in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

“There is very high visibility in Colombia, where we are building 574 MW by 2023, of which 70% have the concrete tower solution. Added to that we closely follow the market for the new opportunities that arise and to be close to our clients”.

Furthermore, in that country the company advances in the construction of the concrete wind tower factory in La Guajira. It is scheduled to start production in January 2023 and will have “manufacturing capacity to attend projects above 300 MW without any difficulty during the first half of 2023.”

On the Peruvian side, they find 300 MW in process. While in Chile, they also have projects under construction and the specialist predicted that “there is good visibility.”

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