“No one has been better prepared to take over the British monarchy than Charles”

Could Carlos III transform the monarchical institution and its impact on British society?

Most believe that King Charles will “slim down” the monarchy, as he has mentioned it many times when he was Prince of Wales and heir to the throne. So there may be less public influence and definitely less impact on British (and world) pop culture.

What are your strengths and weaknesses of the new monarch?

Possibly no one has been more educated or better prepared to take charge of the British monarchy. After watching his mother for more than seven decades, King Charles has seen it all. However, he is also confronted with the old traditions of his mother and the perceptions of British society about how he would like to see the English monarchy run. Also, her age may work against her, as her reign will probably be much shorter than hers, as a matter of course. Those who oppose his views may be tempted to simply wait for him to go and thus delay changes.


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