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seems to have listened to the users and has converted the in the easiest to open and repair yourself from the iPhone 7. This would help avoid expensive repairs in specialized Apple stores. However, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max versions do not join this change.

iPhone 14 is already accessible to some users, including iFixit, a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people fix their favorite devices on their own. iFixit ventured into disassembling an iPhone 14 and found that the model is easy to fix on your own in case of a broken screen or back glass, as you can remove these pieces by simply removing two screws.

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Unlike other models, the iPhone 14 can be opened from both sides, front and back, as iFixit showed in their video. Before this change, since iPhone 8, it was only possible to open it from the screen. This forced users to resort to specialized Apple stores and spend large sums of money for a rear glass change.

This new iPhone 14 assembly makes it the model easier to repair independently from iPhone 7from 2016. Unfortunately, does not apply to iPhone Pro and Pro Maxbecause the same adaptation was not made to them.

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Savings on repairs

It is worth mentioning that this aspect will save iPhone lovers high prices on fixesthen, for example, a change of screen in specialized stores (out of warranty period) it can cost from S/.799 to S/. 1,759.

On the other hand, iFixit states that if you try to replace the back panel yourself using an alternate brand, the iPhone 14 software will recognize that it is not a genuine part and will send a warning.

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Apple vs. consumer rights

The iPhone 14’s design change to make it more repairable comes amid a movement by American consumers advocating for “the right to repair.” For its part, iFixit argues that the fact that Apple does not allow users to exchange their parts with alternative brands it is “a big thumbs down”.

These blocks are frustrating and quite futile. Apple can’t just control all repairs to its products, no matter how hard they try”, added the YouTube channel.

here we leave you the disassembly of the iPhone 14.


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