Nintendo announces ‘Tears of the Kingdom’, title of the new Zelda for Switch with a first and atmospheric teaser

Nintendo has left for the end of the Nintendo Direct one of the most anticipated announcements of recent times: nothing less than the sequel to its already classic ‘breath of the wild‘, which we have not known anything about since E3 2021. We already have a title, ‘Tears of the Kingdom’, and above all, date: May 12, 2023. Otherwise, the company continues without releasing a pledge in terms of plot or setting.

What we have seen is Link climb to heights never seen before, in a game that will once again give paramount importance to vertical exploration. The game also appears to include a sophisticated version of the parasail that allowed us to fly over Hyrule in the first game. It is clear that once again we are going to test our ability to traverse immense spaces.

Now the ball is in the fans’ court, as the teaser opens with some creature-filled murals and inscriptions that could hint at the game’s plot. Otherwise, the game retains the aesthetics and atmosphere that already revolutionized the franchise with ‘Breath of the Wild’which in its day, six years ago, was the launch game for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Overcome or, at least, scratch at the height of ‘Breath of the Wild’ is not an easy goal. The previous game in the franchise is the great bestseller of the ‘Zelda’, tripling the numbers of the next title in the series in those terms, ‘Twilight Princess’, totaling more than 25 million copies. It is without a doubt one of the indisputable must-have titles for the console: will ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ achieve that category as well?

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