Nine workers join the textile firm InnovaCostura


JAÉN.- The mayor of Jaén, Julio Millán, today attended the delivery of diplomas to the nine workers who have completed their training in the management of industrial clothing machinery for almost a semester and who have automatically joined the labor market of the hand of the firm InnovaCostura, which promotes conscientious clothing in Jaén through the Lanuya brand.

Millán has highlighted that the synergies and collaboration between the firm and the Municipal Institute of Employment and Business Training (Imefe) has made it possible to materialize a business project that generates employment and also in a niche of activity of great interest in Jaén. Millán has also valued the profile of the workers who join this company, already with 25 jobs, since they are “people with difficulties for labor insertion who have done a great job and have found in the training of the City Council and in the initiative entrepreneurship an opportunity to work”, he stresses. He has also pointed out the value of the experience of the businessmen who make up the firm, in an activity that in the city of Jaén does not have similar references.

InnovaCostura is an initiative in which the Avanza Group and the fashion firm Ángela Serrano, among other businessmen, participate, and whose project, focused on the manufacture of clothing, was selected by the Imefe for the assignment of spaces in the Center for Business Initiatives to host the start of its activity. For Javier de la Casa, from Avanza, it is a project “that sees the horizon after the entire training process of which the City Council has been a part”. “We are very satisfied with the result and with offering 25 jobs at the moment in a new phase of the project in which expanding the workforce in the coming months is not ruled out,” he added.

The firm, which has already opened its own headquarters a few months ago, coordinated with Imefe so that this entity carried out the necessary training for the personnel whose hiring it was interested in, almost 500 hours of detailed learning to handle large manufacturing and treatment machines of clothes. The heads of InnovaCostura, Javier de la Casa and Francisco Marín, and the president of Imefe, María del Carmen Angulo, have participated in this delivery of training diplomas, which also means the beginning of a working life for these nine people.

InnovaCostura’s operating philosophy is that of agile production, adjusted to time and demand, which will facilitate Spanish production for firms and designers, recovering the value of manufacturing in Spain, ensuring the monitoring of the entire production, preparation and distribution process. . “Traceability, which seeks to be a guarantee of quality, logistical effectiveness, compliance with current regulations and sustainable and responsible production”, added Francisco Marín, for whom InnovaCostura combines the great experience of its partners in the fashion sector textile, with new ways of transforming garments, adapting to each client with the latest on the market and in the most sustainable and versatile way. “If we have learned something in the sector in a pandemic, it is to value the proximity of the product, even if it means paying a little more,” he highlights.

For her part, Ángela Serrano points out that the brand that InnovaCostura markets is Lanuya, which means “starting from scratch”, and was born to manufacture clothing in a global and sustainable way, under a business model that promotes careful corporate social responsibility with quality products. quality manufactured entirely in Spain, to order that will be carried out immediately and that will allow the merchandise to be made available to customers in a short space of time. Innovation in the clothing production process will allow the optimization and simplification of stock management in retail trade in the fashion sector, which makes it a pioneer in Spain in its concept.

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