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Through the reporter’s officers the new one was known starring the cumbia singer with an acquaintance married.

Let us remember that weeks ago, Medina assured that if there were an ampay of her husband, Alfredo Zambrano, she would not hesitate to make it public, although they have not yet given details of who is the protagonist of this scandal.

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As can be seen in the advance video, they indicate that they captured the singer kissing with a married notary. “Cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo kisses with a married notary. What was mana?the voiceover is heard saying.

Just a few days ago Giuliana Rengifo referred to the husband of ‘La Urraca’ again and asked that they stop linking him to her, because for her it is “an infidel and figuretti”.

“Stop asking me about that man because the only thing he has brought me has been bad times, despite the fact that he behaved well at the time, after the truth that I am ashamed as a man to have had him, not as a couple, suddenly it was also my snack because I wanted to be with him and then I left him, as simple as that”he pointed.


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