NATO rejects the validity of the referendums in the areas of Ukraine occupied by Russia

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberghas stated that the referendums on integration with Russia called by pro-Russian Ukrainians lack legitimacy and are “another escalation in Putin’s war”, for which he called for them to be damned by international community. In a message shared on his official Twitter account, Stoltenberg He stressed that these consultations “have no legitimacy and do not change the nature of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”

“This is yet another escalation in Putin’s war. The international community must condemn this flagrant violation of international law and increase its support for Ukraine,” he added. NATO secretary general.

Stoltenberg He reacted in this way after learning that pro-Russian Ukrainians called referendums on integration with Russia to counteract the Ukrainian counteroffensive that has called into question the success of the Russian military campaign.

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First of all, the Donetsk and Lugansk advisory bodies On Monday, they addressed their leaders to call “urgently” these plebiscites to guarantee the security of their territories, and today they were seconded by the pro-russian administrations of the southern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia.

New referendums are scheduled for September 23-27 and they join the consultation that in 2014 led to the annexation to Russia of the autonomous republic of Crimea, part of Ukraine, and whose results have not been recognized by the international community.


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