Model confesses that Adam Levine was unfaithful to his wife

According to the video shared on her social network, the model Sumner Stroh accused singer Adam Levine of having been unfaithful to his wife with her and claims to feel ashamed of having become involved with a man “with such a lack of conscience and respect”.

The Texan model uploaded a video on her TikTok account, in which she claims that she and Adam had an affair that lasted more than a year. Due to these statements, the clip has already gone viral on social networks.


Sumner is an Instagram model and assured that when the romance began, she was very young and naive. In addition, she mentioned that she felt manipulated and even exploited by the singer. In addition to this, the girl showed in her video a conversation she had with Adam, where one of her messages reads the news that she will have another child and the Maroon 5 vocalist asks her if it is okay to put Somner on her baby .

For her part, the model did not want to continue the conversation, as she says she felt bad about the situation. However, the girl also clarified that despite not wanting to make the extramarital affair public, she had to do it because she says that she shared screenshots of conversations with “friends” whom she trusted and that there is a possibility that someone wants to sell the news, so she preferred to speak.

Sumner Stroh

The girl added that she was afraid of being judged and linked to this story for earning a living as escort models. However, she showed her face with all the responsibility that his statement entails. Despite this, she could not be held responsible for everything, since in the series of messages that we could see in the captures there are precise statements by Adam confessing how much he is attracted to her and taking the opportunity to praise his beauty.

You blow my mind You are 50 times more beautiful in person… And so am I!

Adam Levine

A few weeks ago he was caught with the model Behati Prinsloo, his wife, on vacation in Hawaii, where she showed off her pregnancy belly. This marriage awaits the arrival of his third child, since they have Dusty Rose, five, and Gio Grace, four years old. In addition, on several occasions it was emphasized how perfect the relationship between them seemed to be, since being a bad boy he became the man in love and reformed by the power of the love of his wife and family.

She makes me the best person I can be. She is the best in the world.

Adam Levine and wife

Despite the fact that a while ago it was rumored that there was a deception on Adam’s part and the possibility of a divorce was even considered after the couple sold their soho-loft in October 2016, it was not until today that this viral video by Sumner appeared.


embarrassed I was involved wa man with this utter lack of remorse and respect. #greenscreen

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