MITECO is committed to continuity in the management of its SAP systems | Public administrations

The body has renewed the current contract with DXC Technology, responsible for the SAP systems and the Ministry’s Document Manager to date.

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The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, MITECO, has opted for continuity in choosing its partner for the administration service of its SAP systems and the Ministry’s Document Manager.

The ministry that Teresa Ribera now leads began its relationship with DXC Technology in 2004, although the announced renewal includes new features. “The new contract has a triple objective: guarantee the operation of SAP systems and optimize their operation, evolve the platform with the cloud in mind and reduce the costs of ownership of the systems”, The technology provider has explained through a statement.

The demand levels of the applications used by the body are very high, due to the large volumes of data they handle, the complexity of the processes that manage them and their sensitivity.

MITECO’s SAP system includes two major applications in charge of economic-financial management, budget planning and control of execution of internal contracts, SENDA; on the other hand, DUNA is in charge of the management of the maritime-terrestrial public domain (beaches, inland waters, territorial sea and natural resources of the economic zone and the continental shelf).

These systems require a 24×7 availability, service flexibility, a large team dedicated to its management and another as a reserve, an optimal system consultancy and an advanced infrastructure of tools to monitor the systems that support SAP.


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