Minsait and Amazon Web Services join forces to accelerate the migration to the public sector cloud


Minsait and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to accelerate the migration to the cloud of Spanish companies and public organizations, as reported in a statement.

The companies have indicated that the agreement has three axes, the first of which is focused on migration in the areas of defense, education, health and transportation, as well as public companies and the third sector.

Second, both companies will commit to accelerating Spain’s digital transformation in the public sector and industry by promoting the benefits of cloud adoption and the development of digital skills at promotional events.

Finally, both parties will prepare guidance documents with recommendations and use cases to guide the adoption of the cloud by the Public Administration.

The agreement comes before the imminent opening of the AWS cloud region in Aragon with a committed investment of 2,500 million euros over ten years.

For its part, Minsait offers local technical support and different services in fields such as hybrid cloud management, cybersecurity, external encryption and consulting related to Amazon technology.

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