Microsoft launches R&D technology created by Israeli team

Microsoft has announced a new technology for its team platform, Microsoft eCDN, developed by Microsoft Israel Research and Development. The new technology will significantly improve the quality of large-scale live video streaming without overloading the enterprise network and will enable organizations to host streaming events for millions of users simultaneously.

The new technology is based on innovation developed at Peer5, a israeli startup acquired by Microsoft last August. This technology allows organizations to hold training courses and town halls for the entire organization, privately, securely and efficiently, without compromising video quality or overloading the company network.

eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) technology can overcome bandwidth limitations and enable secure streaming of video to large audiences. The browser-based technology is the first of its kind that does not require installation on endpoints.

The new technology is based on WebRTC, which works within the browser and improves the bandwidth used by peer-to-peer networks. In this way, the technology moderates the impact on the corporate network and other business applications running at the same time. The company’s peer-to-peer networks automatically balance and scale as the number of users increases. The technology does not require any changes to the physical network infrastructure and can be implemented very quickly.

Additionally, it enables organizations to monitor streaming quality and network performance in real time, as well as identify and troubleshoot network errors among users. The new technology is integrated into Microsoft communication platforms and can also be used on other streaming platforms.

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