Mercadona forced to intervene to stop a dangerous hoax | Life

The last hoax has to do with the scales and Mercadona, and it will surprise you because a lot of controversy has been generated.

When a company is very popular, it is at the expense of any criticism that may happen on social networks, and for this they usually have people dedicated to trying to put out this type of fire before they go viral, but in recent weeks a hoax has been circulating about Mercadona and that unfortunately many people have ended up believing.

And it is that recently the controversy jumped, because a user on social networks who had bought a Mercadona product stated that, after weighing it, the amount was less than specified on the label. Apparently it is a product purchased at Mercadona online.

This has caused some fear in some people who have not hesitated to weigh many of the products they have purchased at Mercadona to find out if the weight really matches the label, something that apparently has only happened in a particular sample that a user purchased. on-line.

Now a hoax is circulating on social networks such as Twitter, where apparently a poster appears in one of the Mercadona stores asking customers that it is forbidden to introduce scales inside the supermarketa poster made quickly and poorly with Photoshop, and it is clear that it is totally false but that unfortunately many people have believed.

Mercadona has responded to this message clarifying that this poster is false and that it is a hoax, trying to calm things down in recent days.

And it is that this type of hoax can cause large companies to lose thousands of euros, so they have to be very attentive on social networks to prevent these types of lies from becoming viral.

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