Melissa Paredes’ mother on Ale Venturo’s pregnancy: “If she were my daughter, they would have stoned her”

“She is the least indicated to talk about the subject,” said Janet Barboza about Celia Rodríguez, who spoke with a strong message.

Ale Ventura and Rodrigo Cuba They confirmed that they will be parents and they did it officially through their accounts. Instagram, where they shared tender images of this new stage they are experiencing for their followers. The couple enjoys the anticipation of the arrival of their baby to the fullest and they also face the comments they have received after this announcement, such as the mom of Melissa Paredes.

Celia Rodriguez Taboada He stated that, probably, if his daughter had been the protagonist of the headlines for a alleged pregnancy of Anthony Arandapeople would not have hesitated to criticize and question it. “They would have stoned her“said the mother of the model, who spoke on the subject in the program” Love and fire “.

“Okay, if I am going to see it with the eyes of a mother, it makes sense and is validbut if we see it from another side, it would not be appropriate for her to make this type of comment at this time, because it does not add up, “said the psychologist Lizbeth Cueva on mother of Melissa Paredeswho on previous occasions also caused talk when he came out before the press to defend his daughter.

“I consider, it is my personal opinion, she shouldn’t have done it, she’s the least likely to talk about it. I think that the situation has nothing to do with it, I feel that she has nothing to defend here, I feel that Mrs. Celia is not defending anything on this occasion because there is no longer any problem, the issue of Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba was settled,” he said. Janet Barboza in America Today.

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