Melissa Paredes: Anthony Aranda reappears on Instagram with an ‘unrecognizable’ look Rodrigo Cuba celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

After staying away from social networks amid the legal mess between and Rodrigo Cuba, Anthony Aranda returned with force to Instagram and was shown training with the former host of “América Hoy”.

The former member of “This is war” shared a video in their stories Instagram in which he appears posing in front of a gym mirror with the actress, however, a detail caught the attention of his followers.

The dancer not only sports a radical change in his face, but is now shown with long hair, a shaved mustache and a grown beard, a new appearance that makes one presume that he would have once again resorted to aesthetic touch-ups.

Let us remember that, in March 2022, Anthony Aranda was placed in the hands of doctor Steve Diaz to take a few years off. Through this treatment with hyaluronic acid, the popular ‘Activator’ was able to show off a renewed face after eliminating various wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

About a month ago, the dancer surprised Melissa Paredes with a huge bouquet of roses for her birthday and dedicated a profound message to her in the midst of the complicated moments that she had to go through when she could not celebrate another year of life with her daughter, this due to a prohibition by the Judiciary.

I know it’s not a time for celebrations, but I’ll try to get some smiles out of you today because you deserve it. Seeing you strong, fighting for what you love most fills me with pride and respect for you, my love. Happy Birthday my life. Love you“, wrote Anthony Aranda.

Activator sports new look


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