Meaning of tiktoks about yellow flowers

On the crowded platform TikTok it has become trend in the last few days videos of women asking for yellow flowerssomething that has caused confusion among other users who do not understand the reason, however, all this fuss is due to a song.

The theme, as expected, has as title yellow flowersand it is from an Argentine novel called Floricenta. This youth novel revolves around Florencia, a nice young woman who is a babysitter in the Fritzenwalde family home, where the parents die and it is the oldest of the brothers, named Federico, who takes care of the others, and with the that Florence has a romantic love story.

in the song of yellow flowers, in the lyrics, she sings that Federico fulfills the dream that she had since she was a child, which was that the boy she likes arrives with these types of flowers, and that they are about to experience a very special moment. Fans of this theme and the novel They took it upon themselves to make this a trend on TikTok, so that their respective partners or the person they like can give them this detail.

Within the context the meaning is given to this gift as a sign of love, of the value that exists between the couple and of fulfilling a fantasy for women. The 21st is alluding to March 21, which is the day spring comes, only within the tiktoks it was set to be September 21.

A deeper meaning is that the person who gives you yellow flowers tells you that he wants you to spend your life togetherand not waste any more time, as is the case in Floricenta and in the video of the song.

However, this new meaning for this color of flowers is far from the intention that yellow flowers usually have, since yellow is associated with friendship, recognition for some achievementand being a striking color, it is related to happiness and celebration for the vinea; that is why it is often seen in gifts given to people who have graduated, or in baptisms or baby clothes.



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