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The counteroffensive launched by Ukraine in recent days, which has given the biggest and most unexpected turnaround since the Russian invasion of the country on February 24, has forced Kremlin forces to abandon their positions in the eastern Kharkov region, which borders Russia and is the gateway to the coveted Russian-speaking Donbass. Ukraine has inflicted a “significant defeat” on Russian troops with this counterattack operation, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). In the face of the Ukrainian advance, Moscow has ordered the withdrawal of its forces from the entire Kharkov region to the east of the Oskil River, according to British intelligence, so the withdrawal has returned the invading troops to Donbas.

The withdrawal order issued by Russia in recent days – the largest since the withdrawal of its troops from the outskirts of kyiv in March— at various strategic points of the eastern fringe, it brings unparalleled military success in the Ukrainian counter-offensive. The regaining of control of the essential enclave of Izium deals a severe blow to Moscow’s aspirations to control Donetsk, one of the two breakaway regions that make up Donbas. Russia used Izium as the westernmost location from which to launch attacks on Donetsk, according to the ISW. The American organization echoes the latest update of the map of the conflict maintained by the Russian Defense Ministry, which reflects the withdrawal of troops. kyiv’s announcement that it intended to stand up to the invader in Kherson, in the south of the country, led the Russian army to move troops away from the places where the Ukrainians have hit this weekend.

The Russian forces have withdrawn precipitously, abounds the ISW, which mentions images shared on social networks in which abandoned tanks and military equipment are observed in the vicinity of Izium, indicating that the Kremlin forces were unable to organize a coordinated withdrawal. . The Ukrainian General Staff affirms that it has recovered more than 20 towns and villages in the last day, increasing the lack of control of the withdrawal. The line of Russian control just a week ago, marked with a red line on the map that heads this text, gives an idea of ​​the magnitude of the invader’s withdrawal from Ukraine.

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The Ukrainian initiative allows the kyiv army to choose where the next battles will take place unless Moscow finds a way to regain the upper hand, the ISW ventures. The counteroffensive, however, will not end the invasion, warns the organization, as Russia will end up building a new defensive line from which to attack again, with which the war is likely to last until next year, according to the organization. American.

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